Help the KC promote National Canine Health Testing Week (17th to 21st November)

National Canine Health Testing Week (17th to 21st November) is one of the Kennel Club’s annual initiatives to raise awareness of the importance of breeding and buying puppies from appropriately health-tested parents.

Social media campaign

During the week they will be launching a social media campaign, asking people to show their support of canine health testing by posting photos of their dogs on social media as “health selfies” (#healthyselfie).  These will include pictures of their dogs, such as the example below.




How you can help

During the week they would like to see as many Health Selfies posted to the Kennel Club Facebook and Twitter pages as possible. So if you don’t mind your dog being thrust into the limelight and winning the hearts of Facebook users and the Twitterverse, then please take a photo and post it to the KC’s pages anytime between the 17th and 21st of November.

How to take a Health Selfie

They’re looking for a picture of your dog(s) with a piece of paper or card in front of them, with a statement which shows support for canine health testing. This could be any health positive statement you like, but you may wish to include phrases along the lines of:

·         I support National Canine Health Testing Week

·         I’ve been hip scored 

·         Health tested and proud

·         I’ve been DNA tested for [insert condition here]

At the bottom of the sign, please don’t forget to include the hashtags #healthyselfie and #NCHTW

How to post a photo to the Kennel Club Facebook or Twitter pages

To share your pictures on the KC’s social media pages either “Like” the Kennel Club Facebook page and post to their wall, or tweet, using the hashtags #healthyselfie and #NCHTW

Facebook –

Twitter – @Kclovesdogs

Does my dog need to be a pedigree dog to have its own “healthy selfie”?

No. The awareness week highlights the value of health testing both purebred and crossbred dogs for inherited disorders prior to mating.

Where can I find out more information about National Canine Health Testing Week?

During the week of the 17th of November the KC will be publicising statistics, information and resources regarding canine health testing on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.  In addition, if you would like more information on the awareness week then please visit the KC website by clicking here.











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