DogWellNet launches its website today

IFPD logoThe International Partnership for Dogs (IPFD) has launched its website today, following the second international Dog Health Workshop.  It is described as “an exciting new development to support cooperation, collaboration and sharing of information and resources across the global dog community”.

This is an international collaboration between kennel clubs, health registries, research and veterinary organisations, non-profits, corporations and other stakeholders in dog health.  It has a mission to enhance the health, well-being and welfare of pedigreed dogs and all dogs.

The website is now open to the public and over the coming months more content will be added to help build what should become a valuable resource for all those interested in improving dog health.

It’s good to see there is already the outline of a section of resources on Breed Health Strategies (which we have previously written about), plus areas for information on the education of breeders, judges, vets and owners.












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