What we do for…

Policy makers and welfare charities

  • Insight research to help inform policy decisions
  • Data analysis to deepen understanding of complex issues
  • Project management to keep policy implementation on track
  • Brokerage and facilitation of collaborative partnerships to enhance the co-ordination of policy areas
  • Training in the use of tools and models that enable creation of innovative and effective strategies
  • Innovation workshops to maximise the creativity of decision makers and policy shapers
  • Evaluation and training in evaluative models to maximise the effectiveness of approach

Dog related businesses and commerce

  • Insight research to inform your business strategies including leverage of corporate social responsibility plans
  • Development and brokerage of creative collaborative partnerships
  • Training in tools and models to ensure that your business maximises the positive impact it could have on the health and welfare of dogs

Breed clubs

  • Data analysis to inform effective health strategies
  • Workshops and training on change management and the management of people through change
  • Development of ideas for communication and wider engagement including the breeder and owner communities that have proved hard to reach
  • Training on tools on how to read, understand and utilise academic research to inform health and welfare strategies

All our work is aimed at helping you achieve your own strategic and operational plans whilst at the same time maximising the positive impact your organisation can have on the welfare of dogs in our society.


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