We believe we can make the UK the best place in the world to be a dog and own a dog within the next ten years. We don’t believe we can do it alone. We will achieve the vision by working with the organisations and people already active in dog health and welfare.

We will do this by:

  • Engaging with the relevant organisations and people in “big picture thinking”

  • Harnessing all the good work they have already achieved

  • Pinpointing unnecessary duplication of efforts

  • Developing tools with them that increase the impact of their work

We can do this by:

  • Broadening Insight underpinning current projects and activities and innovating within and across the stakeholder group
  • Capturing Data that inform and shape future projects and activities
  • Challenging Assumptions that currently exist within current projects, work streams and activities
  • Forging Relationships and collaborations that bring about maximum impact for dogs
  • Applying rigorous Evaluation of current projects, work streams and activities to ensure their impact is maximised

This is a recognised complex social and animal welfare problem area. However, we believe there is opportunity, using tools and techniques from human social policy areas, social science, and business management that have yet to be brought into the field, to make a difference for dogs. Dog-ED is set up to take a lead on that and facilitate faster progress. We will apply highest professional standards to our consultancy work with clients, but being a social enterprise our business is driven by our determination to make a better society for dogs, fee-generation is secondary.

We believe this is a ground-breaking enterprise because there has never been such an attempt to work across public, private, institutional, and individual agencies in this way before now.


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